Instructions for Minisymposia

  • Each MS normally consists of at least 2 slots. If a single slot has 120 min., it can contain 6 presentations (20 min. per 1 presentation, minimum of 5 presentations), or a keynote talk (40 min.) and 4 presentations.
  • The MS organizers can deliver their talks as part of the MS.
  • The MS organizers will be in-charge of the abstracts and papers submissions, review process, notifying the Technical Program Committee regarding the acceptance of the contributions submitted to their sessions, and distribute the conference news to all the authors in their sessions. The organizers need to ensure all the abstracts of their sessions can be submitted through the congress website by the deadline.
  • It is discouraged to have all the speakers of MS come from the same organization.
  • No special financial arrangement or treatment will be provided to the MS organizers and invited speakers. However, the MS organizers, chairpersons for each session and invited speakers will be indicated in the congress program.


Over 330 minisymposia will be held at WCCM 2022. They are listed below in 24 different topics. Click on each topic to jump to the list of related minisymposia.

100 Fracture, Damage and Failure Mechanics
200 Advanced Discretization Techniques
300 Multiscale and Multiphysics Systems
400 Biomechanics and Mechanobiology
500 Materials by Design
600 Fluid Dynamics and Transport Phenomena
700 Numerical Methods and Algorithms in Science and Engineering
800 Verification and Validation, Uncertainty Evaluation and Error Estimation
900 Structural Mechanics, Dynamics and Engineering
1000 Manufacturing and Materials Processing
1100 Atomistic, Nano and Micro Mechanics of Materials
1200 Modeling and Analysis of Real World and Industry Applications
1300 Inverse Problems, Optimization and Design
1400 Software, High Performance Computing
1500 Fluid-structure Interaction, Contact and Interfaces
1600 Geomechanics and Natural Materials
1700 Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
1800 Imaging, Visualization, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
1900 Partial Differential Equations
2000 Control Theory and Optimization
2100 Environmental, Energy and Resource Engineering
2200 Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Safety Problems
2300 Infectious Diseases and Environmental Problems
2400 Others

List of Minisymposia

0100 - Fracture, Damage and Failure Mechanics

0105 Computational Damage & Fracture Modeling in Multiphysics Framework

Mostafa Mobasher, Haim Waisman, C. Armando Duarte, Patrice Longère and Sundararajan Natarajan

0106 Crack propagation in multiphysics problems

Ugo Galvanetto and Bernhard A. Schrefler

0107 Peridynamic Theory and Multiscale Methods for Complex Material Behavior

Patrick Diehl, Pablo Seleson, Fei Han, Erkan Oterkus and Gilles Lubineau

0108 Recent advances in computational modeling of damage and fracture

Leong Hien Poh, Ron Peerlings, Tinh Quoc Bui, John Dolbow and Amine Benzerga

0109 Recent Advances in Modeling and Simulating Extreme Events

Yan Liu, Xiong Zhang, Zhen Chen, Dongdong Wang, Fei Xu and Cheng Wang


Dominique Leguillon, Zohar Yosibash, Vladislav Mantic


Kaan Inal, Toshihiko Kuwabara, Dirk Mohr and Jidong Kang

0113 Damage and Failure of Composite Materials and Structures

Stephen Hallett, Joris Remmers and Pedro Camanho

0115 Plastic instability and fracture in ductile materials

Shmuel Osovski, Ankit Srivastava and José A. Rodríguez-Martínez

0116 Multi-stage Failure Simulations

Mao Kurumatani, Kyoungsoo Park, Kenjiro Terada, Norio Takeuchi and Rene de Borst

0117 Advancement of computational fracture mechanics applications

Yoshitaka Wada, Hiroshi Okada, Toshio Nagashima, Xueling Fan and Liu Zhanli

0118 Computational analysis of fiber reinforced composites

Vincent Tan, Ryo Higuchi, Jun Koyanagi and Tong Earn Tay

0120 Peridynamics and Nonlocal Theories for Fracture Modelling: Recent Developments and Their Applications

Satoyuki Tanaka, Tinh Bui Quoc, Selda Oterkus, Erkan Oterkus and Erdogan Madenci

0122 Fracture, Damage and Failure Mechanics of Smart and Active Materials

Sergey Kozinov, Bai-Xiang Xu, Andreas Ricoeur, John Huber and Hongjun Yu

0123 Computational Fracture Modeling in Heterogeneous Materials – Recent Advances and Future Challenges

Paras Kumar, Dhananjay Phansalkar, Julia Mergheim, Sigrid Leyendecker and Paul Steinmann

0124 Modeling of concrete in an Experimental-Virtual-Lab

Jörg Schröder, Steffen Anders, Dominik Brands, Laura de Lorenzis, Peter Wriggers, Michael Kaliske and Ken Terada

0125 Computer modeling of fracture in submicron ceramic particles

Bahman Daneshian, Daniel Hoeche and Robert Meissner



200 - Advanced Discretization Techniques


Sascha Eisentraeger, Hauke Gravenkamp, Ean Tat Ooi, Sundararajan Natarajan, Carolin Birk, Sven Klinkel and Chongmin Song

0202 Virtual Element and related polygonal methods in solid and fluid mechanics applica-tions

Peter Wriggers, Edoardo Artioli and Lourenco Beirão da Veiga

0203 Advances in High-Order Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Freddie Witherden, Yoshiaki Abe and Peter Vincent

0204 Recent advances in immersed boundary and fictitious domain methods

Alexander Düster, Oriol Colomés, Sascha Eisenträger, Thomas-Peter Fries, Mats Larson, Mario Ricchiuto, Juan José Rodenas, Riccardo Rossi, Andreas Schröder, Guglielmo Scovazzi and Ernst Rank

0205 Particle-based methods: advances and applications in DEM, PFEM, SPH, MPM, MPS and others

Sergio Idelsohn Barg, Eugenio Oñate, Eduardo M.B. Campello, Tarek I. Zohdi and Peter Wriggers

0206 Industrial Applications of IGA

Hugo Casquero, Xiaodong Wei, Emily Johnson, Ming-Chen Hsu, Jessica Zhang, Matt Sederberg and Attila Nagy

0207 Special Methods in Computational Fluid Mechanics

Matthias Kirchhart and Abhinav Jha

0209 Current Trends and Advances in Coupled Simulations and Enriched Finite Element Methods

Olivier Allix, Alejandro Aragon, Daniel Dias-da-Costa and Armando Duarte

0210 Mesh-free particle methods for multi-physics problems

Ahmad Shakibaeinia and Abbas Khayyer

0211 Isogeometric Spline Techniques on Complex Geometries

Xiaodong Wei, Deepesh Toshniwal, Hugo Casquero and Yongjie Zhang

0212 Novel numerical approximations for partial differential equations (Cancelled)

Victor Calo, Santiago Badia and Jerome Droniou

0213 Advances and Applications of Collocation Methods: Meshfree, IGA, Machine Learning for PDEs

Pratik Suchde, Isabel Michel, Elena Atroshchenko and Stéphane P.A. Bordas

0214 CAD-based discretization methods

Pablo Antolin, Robin Bouclier, Rafael Vázquez Hernández, Thomas Elguedj and Annalisa Buffa

0215 Locking, Stability and Robustness of Non-linear Finite Elements for Large Deformation Problems

Simon Bieber, Manfred Bischoff, Robin Pfefferkorn, Peter Betsch, Alessandro Reali and Ferdinando Auricchio


Bo Liu, Xuefeng Zhu, Yingjun Wang and Yujie Guo

300 - Multiscale and Multiphysics Systems

0301 Mathematical and Mechanical Aspects of Mixed-Dimensional Coupling Problems

Alexander Popp, Barbara Wohlmuth and Jan Martin Nordbotten

0303 Computational interface mechanics in coupled problems

K. C. Park, C. A. Felippa, Roger Ohayon, Hermann Matthies, José González, Jin-Gyun Kim and Radek Kolman


Julien Yvonnet, Kenjiro Terada, Peter Wriggers, Marc Geers and Karel Matous

0308 Computations in mechanics of metamaterials

Bilen Emek, Ivan Giorgio and Luca Placidi

0310 Advances in phase-field modelling and simulation

Akinori Yamanaka, Tomohiro Takaki and Yuhki Tsukada

0311 Performance analysis and degradation studies of photovoltaic modules

Pattabhi Ramaiah Budarapu, Naresh Varma Datla and Marco Paggi

0313 Novel Modeling Strategies for Mechatronic Systems

Florian Toth, Manfred Kaltenbacher

0316 Multi-Physical Material Modelling and Spatial Computational Homogenization

Michael Kaliske, Robert Fleischhauer, Johannes Storm and Kenjiro Terada

0320 Multi-Scale Models and Design of Energy-related Materials

Tarek Hatem, Wing Kam Liu and Nasr Ghoniem

0321 Computational Multiscale Method of Solids and Structures

Shaoqiang Tang, Shan Tang and Zifeng Yuan

0323 Multiscale modelling of packing and flow of granular materials

Zongyan Zhou, Shibo Kuang, Shunying Ji, Qiang Zhou, Xizhong An, Mikio Sakai and Kun Luo

0326 Multiscale Procedures in Composites and Heterogeneous Materials

Paul Steinmann, Guillermo Etse, Daya Reddy and Osvaldo Manzoli

0329 Multi-scale modelling of generalised continua and metamaterials

Igor A. Rodrigues Lopes, Francisco M. Andrade Pires and Eduardo de Souza Neto

400 - Biomechanics and Mechanobiology


Maxim Solovchuk and Tzyy-Leng Horng

0403 Molecular and Cellular Biomechanics

Wonmuk Hwang and Mohammad Mofrad


Alessio Gizzi, Daniel E Hurtado, Michele Marino and Christian J Cyron

0405 Computational Biomechanics and Biomimetics of Flapping Flight

Daisuke Ishihara, Hao Liu and Shinobu Yoshimura

0406 Female pelvic floor biomechanics

Rita Rynkevic and Luyun Chen

0407 Multiscale Modeling and Machine Learning in Biomechanics

Yaling Liu, Lucy Zhang, Ying Li and Jianxun Wang

0408 Modelling and simulation of thermo-mechanical effects in excitable tissues

Ricardo Ruiz Baier, Alessio Gizzi, Leo Cheng and Vijay Rajagopal

0409 Multiphysics and Data-driven Modeling for Cardiovascular Biomedicine

Debanjan Mukherjee, Adarsh Krishnamurthy and Ming-Chen Hsu

0411 Computational mechanobiology of musculoskeletal tissues

Pascal Buenzli, Junning Chen, Hanna Isaksson and Richard Weinkamer


David Pierce, Corey Neu and René Van Donkelaar

0414 Exploring brain mechanics

Silvia Budday, Kristian Franze, Jochen Guck and Paul Steinmann

0415 Spatial Mechanomics: Tools, methods, and results related to material heterogeneity in biomechanics

Emma Lejeune, Manuel Rausch, Adrian Buganza Tepole and Johannes Weickenmeier

0416 Imaging-informed computational modeling in medicine

Rafael Grytz, Jessica Zhang, Michael Girard and Ian Sigal

0417 Computational multiscale modeling in biomechanics

Li-Wei Liu, Chia-Ching Chou and Shu-Wei Chang

0419 Advances in computational modelling of articular cartilage

Seyed Ali Elahi, Ilse Jonkers and Nele Famaey

0420 Modeling of the cardiovascular and cerebral system with application to clinical medicine

Masanori Nakamura, Makoto Ohta, Marie Oshima, Juan Cebral, Anne Robertson and Khalid Saqr

0421 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics

Renate Sachse, Elisabeth Jensen, Rainer Burgkart, Sami Haddadin, Oliver Röhrle and Wolfgang A. Wall

0422 Computational Continuum Biomechanics

Tim Ricken, Oliver Röhrle and Silvia Budday

0423 Multiscale biofluid mechanics: from cells to organs

Ken-ichi Tsubota, Ming Dao, Toru Hyakutake and Xiaobo Gong

0425 Musculoskeletal Modeling Across the Lifespan: Biomechanics from Young to Aging to Aged

Geoffrey Handsfield, Justin Fernandez, Vickie Shim and Thor Besier


Jerome Noailly, Stéphane Avril, Stefan Scheiner, Peter Pivonka and Miguel Angel Gonzalez Ballester

500 - Materials by Design


Julián Norato and José Guedes

0504 Virtual Multi-physics Computational Design and Manufacturing Simulation of Materials and Structures

Eric Li, JN Reddy, Guirong Liu, CW Lim, Vincent Tan, ZC He, Bing Li, Qiqi Li, Zhuoqun Zheng, Lei Deng and Yi Wu

0508 Lessons from nature: design of bioinspired architected materials

Mohammad J. Mirzaali, Mario Milazzo, Flavia Libonati, Davide Ruffoni and Amir A. Zadpoor

600 - Fluid Dynamics and Transport Phenomena


Mostafa Safdari Shadloo, Amin Rahmat, Alessio Alexiadis and Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi

0602 Advanced multi-physics CFD simulations in science and engineering

Takahiro Tsukahara, Kaoru Iwamoto, Koji Fukagata, Mamoru Tanahashi, Nobuyuki Oshima and Makoto Yamamoto

0603 Modelling and simulation of coupled solvent transport and deformation

Jana Wilmers, Dai Okumura, Laurence Brassart and Nikolaos Bouklas

0604 Granular Flows: Modelling and Computational Challenges

Thomas Weinhart, Anthony R Thornton and Rudy Valette

0607 Multiphase flows

Célio Fernandes, Luís Lima Ferrás and Alexandre Afonso


Stéphane Zaleski, Junji Shinjo, Leonardo Chirco, Gretar Tryggvason and Shiyi Chen

0611 Multiphase flows with non-Newtonian materials: simulation, experiment, and machine learning

Anselmo Pereira, Rudy Valette, Elie Hachem, Manuel Alves and Alvaro Coutinho

700 - Numerical Methods and Algorithms in Science and Engineering

0702 Isogeometric Methods

Alessandro Real, Yuri Bazilevs, David J. Benson, René de Borst, Thomas J.R. Hughes, Trond Kvamsdal, Giancarlo Sangalli and Clemens V. Verhoosel

0704 Stabilized, Multiscale and Multiphysics Methods

Guillermo Hauke, Arif Masud and Isaac Harari

0705 Domain Decomposition and Large-scale Computation

MASAO Ogino, Amane Takei, Qinghe Yao and Sin-Ichiro Sugimoto


Francisco Chinesta, Elias Cueto, Charbel Farhat, Pierre Ladeveze and Francisco Javier Montans

0707 Advance and Application of Meshfree Methods

Judy Yang, Chia-Ming Fan, Pai-Chen Guan, Tsung-Hui Huang and Kuan-Chung Lin

0708 New trends in modeling and simulation of compressible multi-material and multi-phase flows

Rémi Abgrall, Raphael Loubere, Pierre-Henri Maire, Mikhail Shashkov and Feng Xiao

0709 Recent Advances in Meshfree and Particle Methods

Seiya Hagihara, Mitsuteru Asai, Ha Hong Bui, Fei Xu and Seiichi Koshizuka

0710 Computational Particle Dynamics

Moubin Liu, Dianlei Feng and Christian Weißenfels

0711 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Other Advanced FEMs

Yuki Onishi, Gui-Rong Liu, Masaki Fujikawa and Quan Bing Eric Li

0713 Advances and Applications of Meshfree and Particle Methods

Jiun-Shyan Chen, Frank Beckwith, Zhen Chen, Mike Hillman, Marc Schweitzer, Mike Tupek, Dongdong Wang, CT Wu and Pai-Chen Guan

0716 Model order reduction for parametrized continuum mechanics systems

Youngsoo Choi, Masayuki Yano and Matthew Zahr

0717 Modeling and Simulation of Polymer Fluids

Xiaodong Wang, Puyang Gao and Jin Su

0718 Variational Methods in Modelling for Multi-Physics Problems

Anna Pandolfi, Laurent Stainier and Kerstin Weinberg


Franco Dassi, André Harnist, Xin Liu and Ilario Mazzieri

0725 Towards Next-Generation Aircraft Design with High-Fidelity Simulation Technologies

Yoshiaki Abe, Keiichi Shirasu, Tomonaga Okabe and Shigeru Obayashi

0726 High Performance Computing in Biomechanics

Xiao-Chuan Cai and Rongliang Chen

0727 Multi-level iterative solvers for finite element systems

Matthias Mayr, Martin Kronbichler and Santiago Badia

0729 Advances in High-Order Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics

Krzysztof Fidkowski, Per-Olof Persson, Chunlei Liang and Ngoc Cuong Nguyen

0733 Advanced Numerical Methods and Related Software Development

Amane Takei, Mohamed Shadi, Gabriel Wittum and Ryuji Shioya

0736 Numerical models with free boundaries and interfaces

Maxim Olshanskii, Annalisa Quaini and Steven Wise

0738 Nonlinearly Stable High-Order Methods for Partial Differential Equations

Siva Nadarajah, David Del Rey Fernández and Takanori Haga

0739 Quantum Horizons for Computational Mechanics

Suvranu De, Vikram Gavini, Veera Sundararaghavan, Eiji Tsuchida and Amartya Banerjee

0745 Waves: Advanced Numerical Methods and Applications

Reza Abedi, Robert Haber and Tamas Horvath

0748 Computational modeling and simulation of discontinuities

Amine Benzerga, Christian Brandl, Vincent Chiaruttinim, Enrique Martinez, Ryan Sills, Ashley Spear and Aurélien Vattré

0751 Boundary Element Method: Fundamentals and Applications

Toru Takahashi, Toshiro Matsumoto, Yijun Liu, Hitoshi Yoshikawa, Takahiro Saitoh, Hiroshi Isakari and Kazuki Niino

800 - Verification and Validation, Uncertainty Evaluation and Error Estimation


Matthias Faes, Pengfei Wei, Xiukai Yuan, Jingwen Song, Marcos Valdebenito and Michael Beer

0803 Quality of model prognosis - from lab data to structural performance

Jörg F. Unger, Steffen Freitag, Daniel Straub, Bruno Sudret, Francisco Chinesta, Michael Beer and Phaedon-Stelios Koutsourelakis

0805 Certification of Computer Simulations and Adaptive Modeling

Serge Prudhomme, Ludovic Chamoin, Jens Lang, Fredrick Larsson and Juan José Ródenas García

0807 Numerical Analysis and Design with Polymoric Uncertainties – Advanced Methods and Strategies

Michael Kaliske, Wolfgang Graf, Sigrid Leyendecker and Stefanie Reese

0808 Numerical methods for verification, validation and uncertainty quantification in manufacturing, civil engineering, advanced materials and biomechanics

Naoki Takano, Kazumi Matsui, Heoung-Jae Chun, Vittorio Sansalone, Tetsuya Matsuda and Shuji Moriguchi

900 - Structural Mechanics, Dynamics and Engineering

0903 Vehicle Scanning Method for Bridges

Yeong-bin Yang, Jong-Dar Yau, Judy P. Yang and Zhilu Wang

0904 Shell and spatial structures

Francesco Marmo, Stefano Gabriele, Amedeo Manuello Bertetto and Andrea Micheletti

0905 Digital twins for the design and optimisation of lightweight structures

Carol Featherston, David Kennedy, Zhangming Wu and Abhishek Kundu

0906 New numerical methods for slender bodies and their interactions

Ignacio Romero, Christoph Meier, Joaquim Linn and ABastian Oesterler

0910 Adaptive Engineering Structures

Malte von Scheven, Manfred Bischoff, Michael Böhm, Oliver Sawodny and Lucio Blandini

0911 Digital Twins and Uncertainty Quantification in Structural Dynamics

Thiago Ritto, Anas Batou, David Barton and David Wagg

0912 Guided Wave-Based Structural Condition Assessment

Eleni Chatzi, Konstantinos Agathos, Rohan Soman and Wieslaw Ostachowicz

0920 Statics and Dynamics of Composite Structures and Metamaterials

Jarosław Latalski, Alireza Ture Savadkoohi and Daniele Zulli

0922 Advanced computational methods for wave analysis and their application

Sohichi HIROSE, Takahiro SAITOH, Taizo MARUYAMA, Zhenghua Qian and Bing Wang

0923 Modeling of Damping

Chin-long Lee and Athol Carr

0924 Structural Instability in Earthquake Engineering

Tung-Yu Wu, Omar Sediek and Hsiao-Hui Hung

0925 Numerical Modeling of Extreme Loading Environments

Kent Danielson, Stephen Beissel, David Littlefield and Mike Puso

0929 Nonlinear computational structural dynamics in rotating turbomachinery

Evangéline Capiez-lernout, Christian Soize, Christophe Desceliers and Marc Mignolet

0932 Modelling of Microheterogeneous Structures and Media

Łukasz Domagalski, Jarosław Jędrysiak and Piotr Ostrowski

1000 - Manufacturing and Materials Processing

1001 Modeling and Simulation for Additive Manufacturing

Albert To, Yuichiro Koizumi, Andreas Lundback, Stefan Kollmannsberger, Akihiro Takezawa, Ferdinando Auricchio, Massimo Carraturo and Simone Morganti

1003 Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Functional Materials and Advanced Manufacturing

Mahdi Bodaghi, Frederic Demoly, Giulia Scalet, Oliver Weeger and Ali Zolfagharian

1004 Additive Manufacturing of Polymers - Towards the Digital Twin

Dominic Soldner, Katrin Wudy and Julia Mergheim

1005 Shape Optimization for Large-Scale Problems

Long Chen, Nicolas R. Gauger and Kai-Uwe Bletzinger

1006 Multiphysics Modeling of Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing Processes with Advanced Meshfree Methods

Mohamadreza Afrasiabi, Mehrshad Mehrpouya, Hagen Klippel and Fatih Bosna


Christoph Meier, Michele Chiumenti, Neil E. Hodge, Miguel Cervera and Wolfgang A. Wall

1008 Terotechnology and related issues

Jacek Pietraszek and Norbert Radek

1009 Modeling and Simulation of Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes

Adrian Lew, John Michopoulos and Robert Ferencz

1100 - Atomistic, Nano and Micro Mechanics of Materials

1101 Multiscale Modeling for Materials

YUCHIEH LO, I-Ling Chang and Chang-Wei Huang

1103 Composites, Bio-composites and Nanocomposites

Jia-Lin Tsai and Jia-Yang Juang

1105 Modeling and Simulation of Materials under Harsh Environments

Keonwook Kang, Byeongchan Lee, Seunghwa Ryu and Akiyuki TAKAHASHI

1106 Nanomechanics of defects in crystalline materials

Tomotsugu Shimokawa, Takahiro Shimada, Ryosuke Matsumoto and Hajime Kimizuka

1107 Modeling Mechanics of Materials with Voids

Matthew Lewis and Gary Gladysz

1108 Topological Defects in Mechanics, Mathematics, Physics, and Beyond

Gerald Wang, Amit Acharya and Franziska Weber

1109 Multifunctional Composite Materials Modeling and Experiments

Chien-hong Lin, Pradeep Gudlur and Junwei Xing

1200 - Modeling and Analysis of Real World and Industry Applications


Wojciech Sumelka, Tomasz Blaszczyk, Hongguang Sun, Jacek Leszczynski and Giuseppe Failla

1203 Nonlocal models in computational mechanics: perspectives, challenges, and applications

Mirco Zaccariotto, Ugo Galvanetto, Pablo Seleson and Mirco Zaccariotto

1206 Condition assessment of railway infrastructures

Pedro Montenegro, Munemasa Tokunaga, Matsuoka Kodai and Diogo Ribeiro

1208 Industrial Application of Particle Methods

Sunao Tokura, Massimo Galbiati, Brant Ross and Mamika Kawahara

1211 Particle and Finite Element Models for Interaction, Simulation and Statistical Design

Masakazu Ichimiya, Nobuki Yamagata, Jeffrey Fong, Robert Rainsberger and Pedro Marcal

1213 Modeling&Simulation of Terrestrial Flows (Terrestrial(Geosphere) hydrologic/hydraulic flow modeling&simulation)

Hiroyuki Tosaka, Makoto Nishigaki, Tomochika Tokunaga, Masaatsu Aichi and Tomonari Shiraishi

1214 Advanced Modelling for Automotive Applications in CASE Era

Tohru Hiranoi, Kosho Kawahara, Masato Nishi and Maurizio MAGGIORE

1216 Solid Mechanics of Elastomers

Hiro Tanaka and Hiroshi Kadowaki

1300 - Inverse Problems, Optimization and Design

1301 Computational structural design for architecture and civil engineering

Makoto Ohsaki, Sigrid Adriaenssens, Ruy Pauletti and Yohei Yokosuka


Hector Jensen, Jianbing Cheng, Marcos Valdebenito, Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou and Dixiong Yang

1304 Optimization Method and Application

Eisuke Kita, Kazuhiro Izui, Masatoshi Shimoda, Satoshi Kitayama and Masayuki Nakamura

1305 New Trends in Topology Optimization

EMILIO CARLOS NELLI SILVA, Shinji Nishiwaki, Yoon Young Kim, Glaucio Paulino, Gregoire Allaire, Daniel De Leon and Renato Picelli

1306 Topological Design Optimization of Structures, Machines and Materials

Gil Ho Yoon, Akihiro Takezawa and Weisheng Zhang

1307 Machine Learning and Uncertainty Quantification for Materials Design

Vahid Keshavarzzadeh, Arash Noshadravan and Johann Guilleminot

1309 Recent progress in topology optimization and its applications

Junji Kato, Mathias Wallin, Niels Aage, Oded Amir, Bin Niu, Liang Xia, Mingdong Zhou and Peter Dunning


Elena Raponi, Simonetta Boria, Carola Doerr, Fabian Duddeck and Dirk Lukaszewicz

1400 - Software, High Performance Computing

1401 PSE (Problem Solving Enviornment)

Shinji Hioki, Masami Matsumoto and Shigeo Kawata

1402 Software Design and Implementation for Next-Generation Parallel Architectures

David Littlewood, Henry Tufo, Hiroshi Okuda and Reese Jones

1403 Advanced HPC Methods for Eigenvalue Problems and Beyond

Ali Hashemian, David Pardo, Victor Calo, Carla Manni and Quanling Deng

1404 Progress and Challenges in Extreme Scale Computing and Data

Michael Heroux, Serge Petiton and Kengo Nakajima

1500 - Fluid-structure Interaction, Contact and Interfaces

1501 Computational Contact Mechanics

Peter Wriggers, Michel Raous, Giorgio Zavarise and Mike Puso

1502 Fluid-Structure Interaction Algorithms and Applications

Justin Kauffman, Scott Miller and John Gilbert

1503 Recent Advances in Numerical Methods for Multi-Material Shock Hydrodynamics

Ketan Mittal, Nabil Atallah, Vladimir Tomov, Guglielmo Scovazzi and Robert Rieben

1505 Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction and Moving Boundaries and Interfaces

Artem Korobenko, Jinhui Yan, Ming-Chen Hsu, Kenji Takizawa, Yuri Bazilevs and Tayfun Tezduyar

1506 Challenges and locks for fluid-structure interaction: from vibrations to non-linear transients in industrial framework

Vincent Faucher, Olivier Jamond, Nicolas Lelong, Benoît Prabel and Maria-Adela Puscas


Li Wang, Fang-Bao Tian, Wei-Xi Huang, Zhengliang Liu and Yi Zhu

1509 Immersed Methods for CFD and Fluid-Structure Interaction

Ming-Chen Hsu, Carles Bona-Casas, Hugo Casquero, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian, Adarsh Krishnamurthy and Debanjan Mukherjee

1510 Fluid-structure Interaction, Contact and Interfaces

Peng Du, Haibao Hu, Xiaopeng Chen, Feng Ren, Xiao Huang, Luo Xie and Jun Wen

1600 - Geomechanics and Natural Materials

1601 Risk Analysis and Management of Rock Slopes (Cancelled)

Luis Ribeiro E Sousa

1602 Computational Geomechanics

Jinhyun Choo, José Andrade, Chloé Arson, Ronaldo Borja, Richard Regueiro, WaiChing Sun and Jidong Zhao

1603 Computational Methods for Snow Mechanics and Engineering

Fabrizio Barpi, Gianmarco Vallero, Monica Barbero, Mauro Borri-Brunetto and Valerio De Biagi

1607 Multiscale, Multifield, and Continuum-Discontinuum Analysis in Geomechanics

Haitao Yu, Qiushi Chen, Yiming Zhang, Xueyu Geng, Ningning Zhang, Hui Wang and Yunteng Wang

1608 Particle-based numerical modeling in Geotechnical engineering

Yukio Nakata, Kenichi Soga, Mingjing Jiang and Shuji Moriguchi

1609 Advanced computational modelling of wood, wood-based products, and timber structures

Josef Füssl, Markus Lukacevic, Josef Eberhardsteiner and Michael Kaliske

1610 Numerical methods in geomechanics

Ryosuke Uzuoka, Kazunori Fujisawa, Toshihiro Noda and Feng Zhang

1611 Computational Granular Mechanics

Hongyang Cheng, Klaus Thoeni, Xue Zhang and Vanessa Magnanimo

1612 Multiscale Modeling and Numerical Stress Analysis of Prestressed Rocks

Vladimir Levin, Konstantin Zingerman and Anatoly Vershinin

1613 Challenges in sea ice mechanics research – experimental investigation, theroretical description and numerical simulation

Jörg Schröder, Carina Schwarz, Doru C. Lupascu, Tim Ricken, Marcello Vichi and Sebastian Skatulla

1614 Recent Advances in Computational Geomechanics

Nasser Khalili, Mohammad Vahab and Babak Shahbodagh

1700 - Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

1702 Machine Learning for Cardiac Modelling and Simulation

Simone Pezzuto, Francisco Sahli Costabal, Rolf Krause, Hermenegild Arevalo and Luca Dedé

1703 Incorporating fundamental principles in innovative machine learning models of physics

Reese Jones, Ari Frankel, Cosmin Safta and Nathaniel Trask

1708 Machine Learning Based Design of Composite Materials and Structures

Seunghwa Ryu, Grace Gu, Shu-Wei Chang and Zhao Qin

1710 Numerical Simulations and Machine Learning for Micro-Meteorology Predictions and Applications

Ryo Onishi, Kai Schneider, Tomoaki Watanabe, Shaoxiang Qian and Keigo Matsuda

1713 Deep and Machine Learning Methodology in the Context of Application to Computational Mechanics

Yasushi Nakabayashi, Yoshitaka Wada, Masao Ogino, Akio Miyoshi and Shinobu Yoshimura

1716 Data-driven approaches in computational solid mechanics

Pietro Carrara, Francisco Chinesta, Laura De Lorenzis, Siddhant Kumar, Pierre Ladeveze, Michael Ortiz and Stefanie Reese

1718 Machine Learning-Based Computational Methods in Engineering Mechanics

Alessandro Fascetti, John Brigham and Caglar Oskay

1720 Machine-Learning Accelerated Inverse Design

Aditya Balu, Olga Wodo, Adarsh Krishnamurthy and Baskar Ganapathysubramanian

1900 - Partial Differential Equations

2000 - Control Theory and Optimization

2200 - Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Safety Problems

2202 Frontiers of Nonlinear, Impact and Instability Analysis of Solids and Structures

Daigoro Isobe, Kostas Danas, Jinkoo Kim, Sergio Turteltaub, Dai Okumura, Shingo Ozaki and Hiroyuki Yamada

2203 Hyper-complex disaster simulation

Mitsuteru Asai, Antonia Larese De Tetto, Miguel Ángel Celigueta, Shunichi Koshimura and Kenjiro Terada

2204 Simulation-based Disaster Prediction and Mitigation

Dongdong Wang, J.S. Chen, Sheng-Wei Chi, Pai-Chen Guan, Mike Hillman and Xiong Zhang

2206 Advanced seismic response analysis and design

Tomoshi Miyamura, Takuzo Yamashita, Daigoro Isobe and Makoto Ohsaki

2208 Physics-based Simulation of Earthquake Hazards with HPC and HQC

Takane Hori, Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Mitsuteru Asai and Thorsten Becker

2400 - Others

2404 Reliability of Robots

Xu Han and Shuyong Duan


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