0412 modeling and simulation of biological cells

  • Luoding Zhu, Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
  • Jared Barber

Cells are a fundamental building block of all living organisms. The complexity of their structure, function, and native environments, however, can make them difficult to consider in the laboratory. Modeling and simulation often provide a more viable approach for studying the behavior and mechanics of cells. Cellular modeling, however, is not without its own challenges. Cells have membranes, cytoplasms, cytoskeletons, nuclei, and various immersed organelles such as mitochondria. In addition, organisms experience both external and internal macroscopic forces that travel through heterogeneous tissue and affect the resident cells. Crafting models that can be used to understand cellular dynamics frequently requires careful consideration of biomechanics and mechanobiology and often results in challenging multiphysics and multiscale problems. This minisymposium brings together mathematicians, engineers, and scientists engaged in modeling and simulating both generic and specific cells (e.g. osteocytes, red blood cells, and cancer cells). We will exchange and explore ideas, concepts, and results in the area of mechanical modeling of cells including theories, methods, models, and applications regarding parts of cells, single cells, and groups of cells.

Confirmed speakers with temporary titles:

Slot 1
1. Keynote: Lisa Fauci, Tulane University. Title: TBA
2. Wanda Strychalski, Case Western Reserve University. Title: Computational modeling of pressure-based cell motility under confinement.
3. Taeyoon Kim, Purdue University. Title: TBA
4. Igor Pivkin, Universita della Svizzera italiana. Title: TBA.
5. Thomas Fai, Brandeis University. Title: Simulating the fluid-structure interaction of cell suspensions near walls.
6. Luoding Zhu and Jared Barber, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Title:
Modeling and simulation of fluid flow over osteocyte in loaded bone.

Slot 2
1. Keynote: Paul Macklin, IU Bloomington. Title: Multiscale agent-based modeling of mechanical, chemical, and behavioral interactions in multicellular systems
2. Vivek Shenoy, University of Pennsylvania. Title: Long-range mechanical signaling in biological systems.
3. Paul Atzberger, University California Santa Barbara. Title: Surface Fluctuating Hydrodynamics Methods for Fluid-Structure Interactions in Cell Membrane Mechanics
4. Zhiliang Xu, University of Notre Dame. Title: Mathematical and computational modeling of blood clot formation.
5. Fangbao Tian, University of New South Wales. Title: A numerical study on the flexible-cell focus in viscoelastic flows
6. Xuejin Li, Zhejiang U Title: Microscale flow dynamics of blood cells

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