Registration for the congress will be opened on March 1, 2022. Please read the important information regarding registration below.
*All the speakers must provide on-demand videos prior to the congress so that all registered users can view all the presentations.
*All fees are charged on a JPY basis.
*Registration fee is untaxed.
 For your reference, the amount in USD / EUR are calculated as follows; 1USD=110JPY, 1EUR=130JPY.

Virtual (Submitting and/or viewing on-demand video with Q&A)

Registration / Payment Period Delegate Student
IACM Affiliate Member Non-Member
March 1 - May 27, 2022 (JST)
JPY ¥38,000 ¥46,000 ¥20,000
just for reference
$345.45 / €292.30 $418.18 / €353.85 $181.81 / €153.85
May 28 - July 14, 2022 (JST)
JPY ¥48,000 ¥56,000 ¥30,000
just for reference
$436.36 / €369.23 $509.10 / €430.77 $272.73 / €230.77

*Virtual speakers must register by May 27, 2022 (JST).
*Non-Speakers Registrations during the congress period (July 24 - August 5) will apply to Late Registration fees.

Restricted viewing of on-demand videos - Non-presenting, Non-attending & No Q&A (Only after the congress)

Registration / Payment Period Regular Student
IACM Affiliate Member Non-Member
August 6 - September 30, 2022 (JST) JPY ¥20,000 ¥25,000 ¥15,000
just for reference
$181.81 / €153.85 $227.27 / €192.30 $136.36 / €115.38

-Delegate: non-student, includes post-doctoral fellows.
-Student: enrolled full-time in a degree-seeking program. Certification of enrollment will be requested.
-IACM Affiliate Member: If you are a member of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM) you may use this rate.
*In order to apply the IACM Member discounted price, all members must download the Membership Certificate from the link below, fill in the date, applicant's full name, name of the IACM Affiliated Association and President by themselves, and have the certificate signed by their Association President or enter the Membership ID number. Please upload the certificate during the registration process.
*If you are a regular member of JSCES or JACM, please enter "JSCES" or "JACM" in box "Name of IACM Affiliated Association" and your membership number in box "Name of Association President". No signature of the President is needed.
Membership Certificate
*If your Affiliated Association has a different format, you may use it as long as the same items as the Membership Certificate Template are included.
Payment options: Credit card only. VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diner’s Club, and JCB brand credit cards are accepted.

Cancellation Policy

Requests to cancel registration must be sent to Registration Desk by e-mail. With requests that comply with the following cancellation policy, refunds will be made within two months after the conference. No-shows are not applicable for refunds. The refunds will be made only to the credit card which was used for the payment of registration fees. If your credit card has expired or due to any other unavoidable reasons and the refund cannot be made to your credit card, the refund will be made via bank transfer. In the case, you may be charged additional fees, such as the remittance fee and the bank refund handling fee.

  By May 27, 2022 (JST) After May 27, 2022 (JST)
Registration fee 50% - transaction refund No refund (Disclaimer Notice is applied)

Disclaimer Notice

  1. The WCCM-APCOM 2022 Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel or postpone WCCM-APCOM 2022 or to change the schedule or the venue or the style of the congress without prior notice, due to the occurrence of any event of force majeure.
  2. Any expenses paid by a registered participant shall not be compensated by the WCCM-APCOM 2022 Organizing Committee.
  3. In such a contingency stated above in 1.
    (a) If it happens during the meeting, the WCCM-APCOM 2022 Organizing Committee shall not refund any registration fees.
    (b) If the WCCM-APCOM 2022 Organizing Committee decides to cancel the congress before May 27, 2022 (JST), the registration fee excluding costs for proceedings production, start-up and other related actual expenses shall be refunded.
  4. No damages or compensation, except the refunding of registration fees as stated above in 3., shall be recovered from the WCCM-APCOM 2022 Organizing Committee.

Changing Registration Type

After one delegate completes the registration, changes of fees will not be allowed due to logistical reasons.
No changes of the registration type (from "Virtual" to "Restricted viewing of on-demand videos") will be allowed after completing the registration and payment.
"Restricted viewing of on-demand videos" registration will start from August 6, 2022 (JST).


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If you have already registered your contact information from the MS Proposal Submission Portal or Abstract Submission Portal, please log in with the already registered email address and password.

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