0717 Modeling and Simulation of Polymer Fluids

  • Xiaodong Wang, Northwestern Polytechnical University
  • Puyang Gao, Chang’an University
  • Jin Su, Xi’an Polytechnic University

Polymer products play an important role in the industrial manufacture and our daily life. Most of the production and processing of polymer materials involve polymer fluids, which are usually non-Newtonian fluids exhibiting both viscosity and elasticity. The long chain molecular structure of polymer fluids makes their physical behaviors more complex than those of small molecular fluids. Hence, it is of great significance to explore the flow, rheology, orientation, phase separation, and phase transition behaviors of polymer fluids for people to use polymer materials better. As for the numerical study, it is crucial to establish reasonable mathematical models and design suitable numerical schemes, both of which are the concerns of this Minisymposium.

If you are doing research on polymer fluids, we would like to invite you to submit a paper for this Minisymposium on Modeling and Simulation of Polymer Fluids at the joint 15th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XV) and the 8th Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM VIII). In this Minisymposium, we call for the papers about polymer fluids in all the aspects, including but not limit to the following areas:

・Development of Constitutive Model for Polymer Fluids
・Instability of Viscoelastic Flow
・Stabilization Method of Viscoelastic Flow Simulation
・Coupling/Splitting Algorithms for Non-Newtonian Flow
・High Weissenberg Number Simulation
・Non-isothermal Simulation
・Elastic Turbulent Flow
・Viscoelastic Free Surface Flow
・Viscoelastic Two-phase Flow
・Orientation and Relaxation of Polymer Fluids
・Phase Separation of Polymer Fluids
・Phase Transition of Polymer Fluids
・Microscopic Simulation of Polymer Fluids
・Multiscale Modeling and Simulations of Polymer Fluids
・Fractional Model for Polymer Fluids
・Simulation Polymer Fluids Using Machine Learning
・New Methods for Modeling and Simulation Polymer Fluids
・Simulation of Real Engineering Problems about Polymer Fluids
・ Large-scale Industrial-level Simulation

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