0928 Structural dynamics of complex and jointed structures

  • Yum-Ji Chan, National Chung Hsing University
  • Meng-Hsuan Tien, National Tsing Hua University

By considering computational structural dynamics analysis at design stage, novel approaches in vibration reduction, energy harvesting and structural stability can be tested. Also, recent developments in ""Industry 4.0"" mean accurate computer models (also known as digital twins) are useful in condition monitoring of structures. However, accurate modelling of structural dynamics is usually computationally challenging due to high dimensionality and nonlinearities involved in the numerical/mathematical models. An example of complex engineering systems is a structure with joints, where friction and closing gaps significantly affect their dynamics.

The field of computational structural dynamics involves theoretical studies, computation and tuning numerical models to predict the dynamics of engineering components. This mini-symposium provides a platform for reporting the latest research in the fields of structural dynamics of complex structures, modelling of joints, energy harvesting, structural damage identification and metamaterials. Papers on numerical modelling, computational mechanics, and validation/adjustment of computational results on related topics are welcomed.

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