0931 Advances of Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Dynamics

  • Jong-Dar Yau, Tamkang University

Vehicle-Bridge Interaction (VBI) dynamics are important topics in modern ground transportation system. Train-induced vibrations on a bridge is related to both structural safety of bridges and riding comfort and manipulation of a moving train, in which the VBI dynamics is a key issue to conduct the train-bridge system. In addition to this, a new research topic using an instrumented test vehicle as a mobile signal receiver to pass through a bridge for detecting dynamic properties of the bridge from the response of the moving vehicle is an alternative application of VBI dynamics on structural health monitoring of bridges. The objective of this mini-symposium is to bring together engineering researchers and experts from different branches to discuss recent advances of VBI dynamics on various engineering areas. The range of topics to be considered includes (but is not limited to): train-bridge interaction, vehicle-track dynamics, train-induced soil vibration, maglev train dynamics, and vehicle-scanning measurement of bridges, etc.

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