0921 Advanced structural mechanics of smart and adaptive structures

  • Rao B.N., Indian Institute Of Technology Madras
  • Ayan Haldar

Structures capable of adapting by changing their properties or behavior in response to environmental stimuli are highly desirable in a variety of venues. They are very much prevalent in nature which has inspired us to design efficient and multifunctional engineering structures, by making them smart, intelligent, or active.

In recent years shape adaptivity has developed into a diverse area of research involving an interdisciplinary fusion of topics like structures, dynamics, control, material design, biology among many others. Computational mechanics has provided a platform to understand, analyze, design and further optimize such complex structures in a systematic manner.

This mini-symposium focuses on advanced structural mechanics of smart and adaptive structures, particularly aiming to bring together researchers across diverse disciplines to this inter-related theme and to exchange ideas and concepts to explore the full potential of this rapidly developing field of research.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
• Adaptive Structures in Civil Engineering.
• Active materials in response to mechanical, chemical, electrical, thermal stimuli
• Biomimicry and Bioengineering
• Deployable structures for space applications
• Design and Analysis of Energy Harvesters involving large shape changes.
• Environment-responsive structures
• Functionally architectured materials for adaptive structures
• Mechanics of origami and kirigami structures
• Materials and structures of hierarchical structures
• Morphing and adaptive structures for aerospace and wind industry
• Multifunctional composites and its application in smart and adaptive structures
• Self-assembly of materials and devices
• Shape adaptive mechanical metamaterials
• Smart and Adaptive 4D Materials
• Soft robots in manufacturing
• Other related topics

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