0324 Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling of the Structural and Mechanical Properties of Energy Storage Materials

  • Chih-Hung Chen, National Taiwan University
  • Chun-wei Pao, Academia Sinica

The increasing demands in the portable electronics and utilization of clean energy have been stimulating the development and deployment of advanced energy storage devices such as batteries, ultracapacitors, and fuel cells. The structural/mechanical properties of these energy storage materials across the length scale, for example, the three dimensional morphology of porous electrode/electrolyte, or the mechanical response of the solid electrolyte interphase, are essential for the device performance such as capacitance or cyclic lifetime. Furthermore, comprehensive insights into the structure-property relationships can potentially facilitate the rational design of high-performance energy storage materials. In this minisymposium, we welcome researchers around the world to present their latest researches in the multiscale/multiphysics modeling of energy storage materials and their applications in material design. The subjects of interests include, but are not restricted to the following:

• Multiscale digitization of micro/mesoscale morphologies from experiments/simulations.
• Mechanical properties and their impacts on material performance.
• Structure-Property relationships.
• Application of machine learning or other advanced multiscale/multiphysics computational techniques on the energy storage materials.

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