0904 Shell and spatial structures

  • Francesco Marmo, University Of Naples Federico II
  • Stefano Gabriele
  • Amedeo Manuello Bertetto
  • Andrea Micheletti

Shell and spatial structures are representative of some of the most efficient structural systems, where the optimized use of materials is combined with effective structural form. The continuing development of computational methods for the analysis, design and construction of shell and spatial structures has resulted in an increasing interest to engineers, architects, and builders.
The minisymposium welcomes contributions pertaining to the computational methods devoted to all types of shell and spatial structures. These may include, but are not limited to, tension and membrane structures, framed and lattice structures, gridshells and active-bending structures, shell roofs, tensegrity structures, pneumatic and inflatable structures, active and deployable structures, concrete, metal, timber and bio-based, spatial structures. Minisymposium topics will include computational methods for the analysis, conceptual design, computational form finding, structural optimization, manufacturing, testing and maintenance techniques.

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