2404 Reliability of Robots

  • Xu Han, Hebei University Of Technology
  • Shuyong Duan, Hebei University Of Technology

The aim of this session is to provide an international forum of academic and basic studies that brings together researchers to exchange ideas in areas related to the reliability of robots, including reliability methods, design optimization methods, dynamics of robots, sensoring, measurement, intelligent control, verification, measurement, assessment, etc. This forum emphases on theories, techniques and scientific discoveries that has a potential to be applied to all types of robotic systems, or intelligent mechanical systems in general. Contributions covering bold and game-changing basic theories and innovative techniques with potential practical applications to current and future robotic industries are all welcome.
Topics of interests include but are not limited to the following aspects:
(1)Reliability analysis of Robots
(2)Reliability design of Robots
(3)Reliability experiment of Robots
(4)Finite element methods of Robots
(5)Reliability-based design optimization of Robots
(6)Dynamics of robots

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