0751 Boundary Element Method: Fundamentals and Applications

  • Toru Takahashi, Nagoya University
  • Toshiro Matsumoto, Nagoya University
  • Yijun Liu, Southern University of Science and Technology
  • Hitoshi Yoshikawa, Kyoto University
  • Takahiro Saitoh, Gunma University
  • Hiroshi Isakari, Keio University
  • Kazuki Niino, Kyoto University

Beyond our imagination of a few decades ago, Boundary Element Method is certainly and rapidly evolving as a fast, accurate, scalable, and reliable tool in computational science and engineering. Together with the fundamental/mathematical developments, BEM has been enhancing its applications to cutting-edge academic/industrial fields. All these fundamental and application aspects of BEM are the main topic of this minisymposium, but any presentation that is indirectly/potentially related to BEM is also welcome.

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