2403 Numerical Methods for Solving Frictional Quasistatic Contact Problems

  • Nicolae Pop, Institute of Solid Mechanics of Romanian Academy

Frictional contact is a complex phenomenon which led to research in mechanical engineering, computational contact mechanics, composite material design, rigid body dynamics and robotics. Modeling and control of robotic operations presents many challenges. A good simulation of them it requires that the dynamics of contact with friction be included in the formulation and solving the equations of motion. From the control point of view, it is known that force control or combined with the control strategy for position/force, it is necessary to ensure as correct as possible interaction with the environment.
The aim of this special issue is providing an opportunity for international researchers to share and review recent advances used in in robot systems with friction, such as multi finger manipulation, stability criterion of the foot contact of legged robots, the results regarding haptic control, with compensation of dynamic parameters, in order to mitigate contact problems, dynamic influence and the control of the friction force effects and gravity by feed-forward loops compensation in motion control system etc. Also, the shape optimization of a frictional contact problem of an elastodynamic equation, is an important issue of this special session. It is required to be evaluated the so-called functional cost that is subject to minimization where the goal is the minimization of normal stress along the contact surface or attaining of a given contact stress.

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