1313 Design and Optimization of Magneto-mechanical Structures

  • Sergey Kuznetsov, MIT

Magneto-mechanical structures are characterized by complex interaction between mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic fields, often non-linear dynamics accompanied by the transition of energy from one form to another. Design of magneto-mechanical systems typically requires placing of current-carrying elements or magnetoactive materials, structural materials and thermo-conducting materials and cooling channels in a way providing generation of required magnetic fields, mechanical deformations or motion and predictive, safe and reliable operation of the system, at the same time requiring minimal cost of materials and energy supply.
We would like to discuss efficient and reliable computational methods for design and optimization of magneto-mechanical systems, including, but not limited to
- topology and shape optimization for coupled magneto-mechanical problems
- optimal placement of current-carrying elements, subject to mechanical, thermal manufacturing constraints
- simultaneous optimization of materials and structures at different scales
- level set and phase field methods
- optimization of design for multiple objectives and required dynamics
- materials identification and inverse problems

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