1205 Real World Modeling and Simulation for the realization of Human-centered Society 5.0

  • Tohru Hirano, Daikin Information Systems
  • Seiichi Koshizuka, The University of Tokyo

In this MS, we discuss on the real world modeling of the Cyber Physical System for the realization of Human-centered Society 5.0. Especially concerning to the Uncertainty Quantification of the CPS process, the targets of Smart Services, that is, the human and the society, have quite wide range of uncertainty and complexity, and require more rasearch work for the modeling of human behavior, complex interactions on the human network and social decision making. We also define separately for Digital Twin construction utilizing Deep Neural Network model on the platform, Reasoning capability on the edge and the application of Transfer Learning for the intelligence sharing on the CPS process. Integrating Computational Science (FEM, FDM, MBD, UQ, HPC, etc.), Information Science (IoT, AI, 5G, Complex Network, etc.), Design Science (Model Based Development, Design Thinking, etc.) and Behavioral Economics (Bounded Rationality, Prospect theory, Nudge theory, etc.), which are the academic background to realize Human-centered Society 5.0, the foundation of ""Computational Information Science"" should be discussed in this mini-symposium in order to incorporate human, society and the network into the system models.
This mini-symposium covers those widespread modeling technologies, which will integrate Computational Science, Information Science, Design Science and Behavioral Economics with the help of the integration of interdisciplinary technologies.

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