0733 Advanced Numerical Methods and Related Software Development

  • Amane Takei, University Of Miyazaki
  • Mohamed Shadi
  • Gabriel Wittum
  • Ryuji Shioya

The mini-symposia is relevant for researchers and developers who are interested in advanced mathematical algorithms and related software development methodologies (SDM). It is increasingly popular for researchers as well as industrial parties to implement their developed algorithms in open-source commercial or non-commercial software packages. Furthermore, developers of closed-source packages are also adapting their software for integrating algorithms developed by the users. In this mini-symposia, we focus on advanced mathematical algorithms developed and deployed by users within general-purpose computer-aided engineering and simulation software packages. Research on numerical methods for solving PDEs, linear algebraic solvers, high-performance computing, and related software development methodologies will be among the topics to be discussed.

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