0417 Computational multiscale modeling in biomechanics

  • Li-Wei Liu, National Cheng Kung University
  • Chia-Ching Chou
  • Shu-Wei Chang

Understanding of mechanical behavior of biological materials in different length scales has been witnessed exciting advances in recent decades. The finding, the specified architecture of biomaterials in lower length scale features particular behavior in higher length scale, inspires a wide range of applications in the fields of material science, biomedical and electrical engineering. The exploration of biomechanics and the manufacture of bioinspired products give impetus to the development of novel theoretical frameworks and advanced computational methods. Promising achievements have been made by bridging the atomic description of materials and continuum-level structural analysis, as well as a wide variety of mesoscale approaches such as coarse-graining, front-tracking and event-driven models. This symposium will focus on the research in computational mechanics for biological materials and bioinspired materials, including but not limited to soft tissue, bone, biopolymers and other biocomposites, to represent the cutting-edge multidisciplinary research across multiple length and time scales.

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