1401 PSE (Problem Solving Enviornment)

  • Shinji Hioki, Tezukayama University
  • Masami Matsumoto
  • Shigeo Kawata

In the PSE concept, human concentrates on target problems and works out solutions, and a part of application of solutions, which can be solved mechanically, is performed by computers or machines or software. PSE provides integrated human friendly innovative computational services and facilities for easy incorporation of novel solution methods to solve a target class of problems.
PSE is an innovative concept to enrich our e-Science, e-Life, e-Engineering, e-Production, e-Commerce, e-Home, etc. The PSE-relating studies were started in 1970's to provide a higher-level programming language than Fortran, etc. in scientific computations. The trend at that time was natural to deliver more human-friendly programming environment, and was resulting in PSE, CAE (Computer Assisted Engineering), libraries, etc.
At present PSE covers a rather wide area, for example, program generation support PSEs, education support PSEs, CAE software learning support PSEs, Grid/Cloud computing support PSEs, job execution support PSEs, e-Learning support PSEs, etc.
In ths MS at this conference, talks and presentations about these topics will be discussed.

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