0728 Efficiency and reliability in biomedical modeling: computational and mathematical advances

  • Simona Perotto, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Nicola Ferro, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • Hiroshi Suito, Tohoku University, Japan

Mathematical modeling has gained popularity as an assisting tool for biomedical applications. In fact, the interplay between medicine and mathematics is playing a crucial role under different perspectives, among which we can cite clinical diagnosis, support in surgeries, clinical data analysis, design of new medical devices, optimization of consolidated practices.

In this context, the proposal of innovative models, methods and computational tools leads to a verification and a validation phase, so that the keywords reliability and efficiency become an unavoidable issue.

This minisymposium aims at providing the state of the art of biomedical modeling, gathering expertise from diverse fields. The targeted topics include cutting-edge technologies for medical applications, such as reliable physiological modeling for several diseases, reduced order approaches for efficient analyses, and the proposal of innovative materials customized to specific medical treatments. As for the numerical counterpart is concerned, we warmly encourage discussions on advanced methods for accurate and computationally efficient simulations of different medical scenarios, such as mesh adaptation techniques, uncertainty quantification models, and data assimilation.

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