1609 Advanced computational modelling of wood, wood-based products, and timber structures

  • Josef Füssl, TU Wien
  • Markus Lukacevic, TU Wien
  • Josef Eberhardsteiner, TU Wien
  • Michael Kaliske, TU Dresden

This Minisymposium is considered to be a forum for scientists and engineers working in the field of computational wood mechanics and wood technology, as well as in computational mechanics fields related to bio-composites. The submitted contributions should refer to recent developments and advances on analytical and numerical aspects of the mechanical and physical behaviour of wood, bio-composites, and structures built from them. Contributions dealing with developments in the fields of wood processing, innovative wood- and bio-composites, and new experimental investigations are also welcome.

The topics covered by the IS are
- theoretical, numerical, and experimental investigations related to computational wood and bio-composite mechanics at different length scales, like the
- wood and bio-composite microscale (cell behavior, fibers, pulp, and paper), wood and bio-composite macroscale (solid wood, wood- and plant-based products, laminated members, joints), and the structural scale (building constructions, construction details).

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