2205 Microstructural characterization and property evaluation of materials for structural safety

  • Kyoungsoo Park, Yonsei University
  • Tong-Seok Han, Yonsei University

Structural safety depends on the sound responses of materials under various loading conditions. In-depth evaluation of material properties in correlation with microstructural characteristics should increase the reliability of members and structures alike. As characterization methods for microstructures of materials advance, more accurate analyses are being conducted to identify integrity of materials in service or to develop innovative material. Microstructures have been characterized with various approaches, e.g., SEM and TEM. In particular, correlation between microstructural features and the material properties could be further investigated through image analysis of micrographs which can be used to evaluate material properties through simulations. The simulated results could, then, be correlated with experimental results, and it would expedite the material development and performance evaluation for structural safety.

The main theme of this minisymposium is the integration of experimental and computational approaches correlating material microstructures and properties for expedited safety evaluation of materials and structures. With ever increasing computing power, larger data sets can be generated through virtual experiments. With the abundant data sets, the data-driven identification of characteristics of materials and structures correlated with their properties can also be conducted. Through these synergistic efforts, the uncertainty quantification of characteristics and properties can be realized. During the symposium, the participants are expected to present and share the state-of-the-art characterization and property evaluation of materials for structural safety, and discuss the findings throughout theme of the minisymposium.

Topics of this symposium include:
- State-of-the-art microstructure characterization approach of various materials for structural safety,
- Prediction of material properties including damage, fracture, and other catastrophic events,
- Correlation of microstructural characteristics and material properties,
- Data-driven modeling for complex materials and structures,
- Uncertainty quantification of behavior of engineered and natural materials as well as structures.

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