0923 Modeling of Damping

  • Chin-long Lee, University of Canterbury
  • Athol Carr, University of Canterbury

Numerical modelling of damping in structural vibrations has been a major challenge for decades, partly due to lack of data and partly due to lack of understanding and theory in the mechanisms that contribute to damping, among many other reasons. The challenge is particularly great for large-scale structures that have energy dissipations greatly influenced by the interactions between structural and non-structural elements that are difficult to identify. Nevertheless, development of damping models and discussions of modelling techniques have seen great growth recently. Major developments have been done, whether for global and local damping models, or system, element and material damping models. This minisymposium aims to bring together researchers working in this area to share their research developments and insights, and discuss for a future research direction. Submissions on all discussions of damping modelling, including theory, development, computation, evaluation, calibration, and application, will be welcome. No limit to the type and scale of structures or loading scenarios.

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