0322 Metamaterials and metasurfaces with odd physical properties

  • Yunche Wang, National Cheng Kung University
  • Yu-Chi Su, National Cheng Kung University

Metamaterials and their two-dimensional version, metasurfaces, have been widely studied for their unconventional physical properties, such as negative index of refraction, negative Poisson's ratio and negative stiffness. These properties may be found valuable in advanced sensors, actuators or other technologies. Metamaterials are man-made materials with strong human influences on their microstructures, such as chirality or multiscale hierarchy, or internal physical mechanisms or processes at micro or atomic scales. Hence, odd properties in the active or passive metamaterials can be achieved. Broken time-reversal or parity symmetries have been shown to be a route to make physical oddities visible and examinable. Accurate modeling of such metamaterials or identifying their unique roles in industrial applications may shed light on the developments of future emerging technologies. For example, high damping and high stiffness materials are in strong need to mitigate vibration in seismic engineering, as well as in semiconductor industry and data centers. This mini-symposium aims to discuss all computational aspects of the metamaterials and related structures or systems at continuum or atomic levels for their classical or Cosserat elastic, fluid-mechanical, viscoelastic, thermomechanical, electromagnetic or optical properties. Mechanical and coupled-field metamaterials for odd elasticity, viscoelasticity or electromagnetism are emphasized in this minisymposium, including materials with ‘negative’ characteristics, such as negative Poisson’s ratio, negative stiffness or negative index of reflection. Furthermore, studies on multi-physical responses, such as dielectric, piezoelectric or stress corrosion cracking phenomena, are welcome. Extension to liquids containing multiple phases, such as colloidal particles, for their odd viscosity is also welcome.

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