0703 Developments and Applications of Discrete Element Method in Modelling and Simulation of Granular Systems

  • Xihua Chu, Wuhan University
  • Wenjie Xu
  • Zongyan Zhou
  • Mikio Sakai

Key words: Discrete element method, Multiscale and multi-field problem, Numerical simulations, Discrete-continuum modeling. Granular systems

Discrete element method (DEM) and DEM based approaches including DEM-FEM, DEM-CFD, DEM-SPH, DEM-MPM and DEM-LBM are widely used for solving science and engineering problems. These approaches have unique advantages in modeling and understanding granular materials at different time and length scales, for example, understanding particle flow and force structures at the micro/particle scale; formulating governing equations and constitutive relations at the meso/macro scale; and quantifying flow and process performance at the process scale. On the other hand, DEM based approaches are experiencing challenges in high computational cost, and many efforts have been made focusing on the development of robust techniques and algorithms.

This mini-symposium is organized by Chinese Committee of Computational Mechanics of Granular Materials, aiming to provide a forum to discuss the frontier and challenging problems in the modelling and simulation of granular systems by DEM based approaches, covering topics from fundamental research to industrial application. The topics are including but not limited to:
• Novel techniques and algorithms
• Packing and flow of granular materials
• Particle-fluid flow
• DEM-continuum multiscale method and modeling
• Coupling methods between DEM and other numerical methods
• High performance computing techniques
• Simulation of the dynamic process of geohazards
• Modelling and simulation in additive manufacturing
• Non-spherical particles

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