0612 Collisional Kinetic modeling in classical and plasma dynamics: numerical methods and non-linear analysis

  • Irene M. Gamba, The University Of Texas At Austin
  • Jeffrey R. Haack
  • Milana Pavic-Colic

We propose to focus on several aspects of ongoing and future research involving kinetic models.

Collisional kinetic equations, such as the Boltzmann or Fokker-Planck-Landau equations and related models, arise in modern applications which require mesoscopic modeling. Some examples include rarefied gas mixing, polyatomic gas modeling, collisional plasma dynamics, quantum-statistical systems, as well as polymers and biological systems. Existing and emerging challenges surrounding the use of kinetic models include non-linear analysis, numerical approximation and simulation, uncertainty quantification, multi-scale and multi-physics approaches, and extended complex particle phenomena. We propose a workshop that will bring together a broad group of people with diverse interests to explore and discuss recent progress in these topics.

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