1612 Multiscale Modeling and Numerical Stress Analysis of Prestressed Rocks

  • Vladimir Levin, Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Konstantin Zingerman
  • Anatoly Vershinin

The aim of the minisymposium is to bring together efforts of specialists in numerical methods, mechanical modeling, and geoscience in order to develop approaches for strength and stability analysis of rocks under multistage geological processes at different scale levels, upscaling methods for simulating mechanical processes in rocks.

The following problems will be addressed:
- numerical strength and stability analysis of rocks containing oil and gas boreholes and other underground structures;
- effective properties of rocks containing cracks, pores and shear bands with account for prestress and nonlinear effects;
- stress and permeability analysis and effective thermomechanical properties of digital core samples;
- models of rock microstructure development, initiation and growth of cracks, shear bands and other defects in rocks;
- thermomechanical modelling of formation and exhumation of metamorphic rocks, elastic geobarometry;
- modelling of seismic analysis, acoustic logging, the impact of prestress on the propagation of acoustical waves in rocks;
- theoretical foundations of industrial monitoring in oil and gas engineering;
- parallel computations in numerical modelling of nonlinear geomechanical processes in prestressed rocks.

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