1109 Multifunctional Composite Materials Modeling and Experiments

  • Chien-hong Lin, National Cheng Kung University
  • Pradeep Gudlur, Union College
  • Junwei Xing, Dassault Systemes Americas Corp

Composite materials, many of which are naturally found in biological or man-made materials, possess the capability to respond and adapt to various external stimuli. Multifunctional composite materials coupling multiphysical domains, as a result, have not only active capabilities but also the merits of composite materials. Because of their numerous applications such as sensors, actuators, and adaptive structures, it is then promising to develop robust modeling or experimental methodologies to elucidate their behavior prior to designing them.
This minisymposium aims to discuss the recent development of modeling and experimental approaches on multifunctional composite materials. It covers theoretical, computational, and experimental issues related to any kind of multifunctional composite materials. Scopes relevant to the minisymposium include:
- micromechanics of multifunctional composite materials;
- microstructure evolution in crystalline materials;
- mechanics of structural biomaterials;
- modeling methods in intelligent material design;
- cohesive zone modeling of delamination;
- micromechanical damage mechanics of smart materials;
- experimental mechanics of composite materials.
Also, we welcome other topics related to the mechanics of composite materials.

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