• Clint Dawson, The University Of Texas At Austin
  • Kazuo Kashiyama, Chuo University
  • Ethan Kubatko, The Ohio State University
  • Eirik Valseth, The University Of Texas At Austin

Many problems in geophysical and environmental fluid mechanics exhibit a wide range of scales and must be solved over large, geometrically complex spatial domains, often for long periods of time. Computational methods for these types of problems have matured considerably in recent years. This minisymposium will examine the latest developments in solving geophysical and environmental fluid mechanics problems. Topics of interest include:

• Model development and application.
• Coupling of flow and transport processes and models.
• High-performance computing and parallelization strategies.
• Error analyses, verification, and validation.
• Algorithms and criteria for generation of unstructured meshes.
• Fluid-structure interactions.
• Development of novel discretization methods in both spatial and temporal domains.
• Machine learning techniques and applications for environmental fluid flows.

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