1219 cyclic plasticity and viscoplasticity modeling for various alloys and components

  • Tasnim Hassan, North Carolina State University
  • Katsuhiko Sasaki, Hokkaido University

Modeling of low-cycle fatigue failure is essential for design and performance evaluation of critical components and structures in energy (nuclear, solar, wind), aerospace, automobile, chemical, and biomedical industries. Due to the complexity of energy efficient and critical structures, simplified analysis used in design are not sufficient to predict life and performance of components and structures. Under extreme and unanticipated loading, premature failures are disrupting operations of important machines and components, and in many cases loss of valuable lives. With easy access of advanced computing facilities and tools to industrial engineers and designers, simulation modeling can be advanced significantly than what is used today. Researchers at universities and various research organizations around the world are advancing cyclic and viscoplasticity modeling, multiscale modeling, reduced order modeling, machine learning based modeling, etc. Many of these techniques can facilitate the design and performance and life prediction of critical components and structures in various industries. This minisymposium are invite presentation of various low-cycle fatigue relevant modeling and numerical analysis at the material, component and structural levels with the objective of dissemination of novel research outcomes to the progress of industrial design and analysis.

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