0216 Application of Material Point Methods in Additive Manufacturing

  • Stuart Slattery, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Duan Zhang

With the recent developments of additive manufacturing processes, there are new challenges in numerical simulation and characterization of the manufacturing processes and the formed products. Materials of interest include metal alloys and polymers and processes of interest including laser powder bed fusion, binder jetting, and other novel additive techniques. Salient numerical modeling issues include, but are not limited to, complex geometry, coupled physics, such as the thermal-mechanical interactions, treatment of free surfaces and interfacial physics including capillary-driven flows, large deformations, residual stress, anisotropy of metal grains, fluid-solid interaction, liquid-solid phase transition, and contact and compaction of solid grains. Well suited for many of these computational challenges, the versatile material point methods (MPM) have been applied to address these new challenges with various degrees of success. This mini-symposium intends to bring together researchers in related areas to share their experiences, discuss common difficulties, and possible solutions in the application of the material point methods to address additive manufacturing related problems.

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