0607 Multiphase flows

  • Célio Fernandes, University of Minho
  • Luís Lima Ferrás, University of Minho
  • Alexandre Afonso, University of Porto

Accurate prediction of multiphase flow behaviour is a problem of vast scientific and industrial interest. Using modern computers, researchers can now study dynamics in great detail, and computer simulations are offering extraordinary comprehension.
This symposium aims to hear about the key aspects of experimental techniques and computational methods to understand problems involving multiphase flows. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following areas of interest:
● Volume-of-fluid method;
● Front tracking;
● Surface tension;
● Disperse bubbly flows;
● Atomization and breakup;
● Droplet collision, impact, and splashing;
● Dynamics of liquid sheets
● Non-Newtonian multiphase flows
● Fluid-structure interaction
● Multiphase flow simulation
● Turbulent multiphase flow
● Heat and mass transfer in multiphase flow
● Phase transition and interface behaviour
● Multiphase chemical reactions
● Statistical approaches in multiphase flow
● Validation methods in multiphase flow

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