0426 In silico clinical trials of cardiac disease

  • Nenad Filipovic, University Of Kragujevac

In silico clinical trials are the computational platforms for cardiac disease that would take into consideration comprehensive list of patient specific features like genetic, biological, pharmacologic, clinical, imaging and patient specific cellular aspects. Using AI these platforms are capable of optimizing and testing medical treatment strategy with the purpose of maximizing positive therapeutic outcome, avoiding adverse effects, avoiding drug interactions, preventing sudden cardiac death, shortening time between the drug treatment commencement and the desired result. Biomechanical modeling gives opportunity for a patient-specific model in order to improve the quality of prediction for the disease progression into life-threatening events that need to be treated accordingly. In this MS presenters will present combination of AI and biomechanical modeling with advanced research support tools for disease characterization, and the discovery of new knowledge; that can improve the predictive power of the patient-specific model.

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