0610 Modeling and Simulation of Computational Multi-phase Flows

  • Yi-Ju Chou, National Taiwan University
  • Yang-Yao Niu, Tamkang University

Advances in numerical schemes and models play major roles in the recent progress of computational fluid dynamics. Recent efforts have been devoted for the development of the accurate, robust and efficient methods as well as models of high-fidelity simulations for multiple phases in industrial applications.

As real fluids mostly consist of multiple phases or components under certain geometrical constraints, the co-existence of different phases usually exhibits intriguing mechanical responses to the externally applied stresses or interphase interactions. Due to these complexities, dynamical behaviors of many multi-phase fluids remain poorly understood, and careful numerical studies of these fluids play crucial roles in revealing detailed physical features.

This symposium provides an open forum to communicate the ideas and achievements in developing and implementing high-fidelity numerical schemes for simulating multi-phase flow applications. The symposium aims at 1) promoting the direct communications among the developers and users of numerical methods, and 2) enhancing exchanges among people working with different type of methods or with different real-world problems.

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