0505 Multiscale modeling of nano-reinforced mateials: from atomistics to micromechanics

  • Fahmi Bedoui, Alliance Sorbonne Université, Université De Technologie De Compiègne

This mini-symposium is meant to gather researchers focusing on the understanding of the behavior of nano-reinforced polymers using different but complementary modeling approaches.
The interaction matrix and filler take place, in the case of a nano-reinforced polymer, at nanometric scales and even lower. Those scales could be captured by atomistic tools (DFT, MD, ...). Micromechanics can connect the macroscale to lower length scales but not at the atomistic level. A full understanding of the behavior of such materials requires the bridging of both approaches.
Therefore this mini-symposium is meant to gather the two communities around a common purpose of understanding nano-reinforced polymer from atomistic scale to engineering design.
The topics of this mini-symposium will be around :
-Investigation of multi-physical behavior of nanocomposites through atomistic approaches: Molecular Dynamics(MD), DFT simulations,...
-Multiscale methods including analytical homogenization and finite element
-Time and length-scales bridging methods

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