0913 Recent advances in semi-analytical approaches related to moving load problems

  • Zuzana Dimitrovová, IDMEC - Institute of Mechanical Engineering and NOVA School of Science and Technology
  • Piotr Koziol, Cracow University of Technology

Many engineering fields, especially those connected with road and rail transport, include studies on structures subjected to moving loads.
Advances in symbolic software and high-precision calculations with an adaptable number of digits have renewed interest in semi-analytical solutions that have the undoubted benefits of closed-form solutions, providing fast, highly accurate results that can be directly accompany by sensitivity and parametric analyses. Presenting results in dimensionless parameters allows for general view on involved physical phenomena for a wide range of possible input data involved in the problem. In addition, these results can only be evaluated in places that are under focus without a full-time history.
This Mini-symposium aims to get together scientists working on moving load problems to share their research findings on a common platform. Innovative solutions related to critical velocity and instability of moving objects are welcome, but experimental finding and novel numerical approaches can also be included.

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