0501 Computational micromechanical approaches and data-driven methods for lattices and meta-materials

  • Javier Segurado, Imdea Materials Institute
  • Ludovic Noels
  • Issam Doghri

The latest improvements in additive manufacturing techniques (AM) have made possible the fabrication of micro- and nano-architected metamaterials for mechanical applications with tailored stiffness, strength, toughness and energy absorption capacity, which go beyond the response found in natural materials. These meta-materials can reach high strength-to-weight ratios, negative compressibility or zero poisson-ratio. Much interest exists also in lattice metamaterials designed using unstable structural elements allowing to achieve energy dissipation with fully reversible deformation or programmable/switchable properties.

This growing interest has also driven the development of many computational approaches especially suited to predict the mechanical response of these materials. These developments include modeling of instabilities, multiscale modeling approaches, higher order continua, higher order homogenization, data-driven methods, topological optimization, etc.

This symposium focuses on recent advances in modeling and simulation techniques of lattices and meta-materials. The main topics are:

-Discrete and continuum modeling approaches
-Simulation of acoustic response
-Data driven approaches applied to meta-materials modeling
-Artificial intelligence methods applied to design, optimize, or model meta-materials
-Experimental-numerical synergies for modeling meta-material
-Concurrent and bottom-up multiscale methods for meta-materials
-Higher order continua to simulate lattice behavior
-Methods for topological optimization of lattice geometry
-Simulation of mechanical instabilities
-Multiphysical problems in meta-materials
-Uncertainty Quantification and stochastic models in the context of meta-materials

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