0922 Advanced computational methods for wave analysis and their application

  • Sohichi HIROSE
  • Takahiro SAITOH, Gunma University
  • Taizo MARUYAMA
  • Zhenghua Qian
  • Bing Wang

The purpose of this mini-symposium is to constitute a forum for the exchange of knowledge and information about latest researches in the field of wave analysis. Innovative computational methods for scalar and elastic wave analyses and their application to various engineering fields dealing with seismic waves, ultrasonic waves and electromagnetic waves will be discussed. Forward and inverse problems in time or frequency domain are included in the scope of this mini symposium. Moreover, effective parallelization techniques for wave analysis tools and the analysis of wave propagation behavior in complex media, such as anisotropic, viscoelastic and poroelastic media, are also of interest.

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