0906 New numerical methods for slender bodies and their interactions

  • Ignacio Romero, Technical University Of Madrid
  • Christoph Meier, Technical University of Munich
  • Joaquim Linn, Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics ITWM
  • ABastian Oesterler, Universität Stuttgart

Slender bodies --- beams, rods, shells, etc. --- are the basis of numerous civil structures, but also play a key role in biomechanics, aerospace structures, robotics, etc. With their fundamentals going back as long as the Renaissance, new results continue to appear as new applications for them are found or more complex behavior is exploited.

In this mini-symposium we would like to invite researchers to share their latest results concerning numerical methods for advanced applications of slender bodies. In particular, although not limited to, researchers are invited to present

- Robust and efficient numerical methods for solving mechanical problems of nonlinear slender structures.

- Numerical methods and applications that exploit elastic and inelastic instability phenomena of slender structures.

- Integration schemes that can cope with the large rotations and distortions that typically occur when using very slender solids.

- Robust models and algorithms to simulate interactions among slender structures and also between this type of structures and continua.

- Approximation methods to incorporate inelastic material behavior in the framework of reduced-order solids.

- Advanced formulations for beams, rods, plates, single-layer, multi-layer, and solid shells including aspects of locking and finite element technology.

- Efficient and accurate implicit and explicit schemes for the dynamics of slender structures including related methods like selective mass scaling, etc.

We hope that, around these topics and related ones, the mini-symposium can stimulate an open environment for discussion among experts in nonlinear mechanics, numerical methods, applied math.

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