0738 Nonlinearly Stable High-Order Methods for Partial Differential Equations

  • Siva Nadarajah, McGill University
  • David Del Rey Fernández, National Institute of Aerospace, Computational AeroSciences Branch NASA Langley Research Center
  • Takanori Haga, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency JEDI Centre

Unsteady, discontinuous, and chaotic turbulent flows are common in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). These properties are results of the nonlinearity within the partial differential equation and their robust numerical simulation represents a significant challenge. These difficulties are compounded by the push for larger simulations on complex geometries in the era of exascale computational resources. The development of robust numerical methods for CFD represents a crucial technology urgently needed for the solution of the increasingly complex problems enabled by current and future computational resources. Various approaches have immerged for developing robust numerical methods such as split forms, entropy stable schemes, and domain invariant methods and have been investigated by various communities including discontinuous/continuous Galerkin, summation-by-parts, residual-distribution, and more recently flux-reconstruction approaches. The primary objective of this symposia is to provide a platform to bring together researchers developing state-of-the art robust numerical solvers, highlight new developments, and enable cross-fertilization amongst the various approaches and communities.

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