0750 Recent Advances in Computational Interfacial Physics - Methods and Applications

  • Maxime Theillard, University of California, Merced
  • Frederic Gibou, University of California, Santa Barbara

Interfacial problems, in which the overall system dynamic is dictated by the motion of a complex interface, are ubiquitous to physical and engineering sciences. They are used to model a myriad of real-life applications, among which solidification processes, dynamics of multiphase flows, or biological morphogenesis are the most paradigmatic examples. Simulating accurately and efficiently such problems remains a challenging task. It requires to model multiple physics interacting over several lengths and time scales and, at the most fundamental level, challenge our ability to accurately represent and model deforming interfaces.

This symposium will bring together an international, diverse, and multidisciplinary panel of mathematicians, engineers, and physicists to discuss the recent developments in computational interfacial physics. It will focus both on the related numerical methodologies and their applications to real-life applications. Topics of interest will include interface representation (e.g. level set, reference map), and non-conforming discretizations (e.g. hybrid Finite Volume, Finite Difference). Applications will be drawn from material (e.g solidification), biophysical (e.g. modeling the electrostatic properties of deforming proteins), and Engineering Sciences (e.g multiphase flow).

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