1605 Validation of Numerical Modeling of Soil-Structures Interaction in Liquefiable Soils

  • Majid Manzari, The George Washington University
  • Kyohei Ueda, Kyoto University

Numerical modeling of soil-structure interaction continues to be of significant interest in design of new civil infrastructure or in the assessment and retrofitting of existing geo-structural systems. While a number of advanced constitutive and numerical modeling approaches are currently available that can provide solutions to a variety of problems where soil-structure interaction plays a prominent role, validity of these methods is rarely established against high-quality experimental observations. This is particularly true when a liquefiable soil is involved or the system is subjected to dynamic or seismic loading. The main objective of this mini-symposium is to bring together researchers who have interest in validation of numerical modeling of soil-structure interaction against laboratory test results and/or field observations. All computational methods, including finite difference, finite element and material point methods as well as peridynamics and meshfree methods that treat the soil as a nonlinear multiphase porous media are most welcome. The modeling of interface behavior in a soil-structure system as well as the effect of soil liquefaction or cyclic mobility on the overall response of the system is also of particular interest.

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