0744 Multilevel Discretization of Mixed Variational Formulations

  • Constantin Bacuta, University of Delaware
  • Hengguang Li, Wayne State University

Approximating PDEs by mixed finite element discretization is beneficial, especially in the case of low regularity of the solution and data. Examples of models that can benefit from mixed finite element approximation include electromagnetism, elasticity and acoustics, fluid flow, and diffusion through heterogenous porous media. When approximating solutions of such models, it is desirable to obtain robust estimates of all physical quantities in the presence of parameters, such as diffusion coefficient or frequency. In the presence of parameters, (multilevel) preconditioning is essential for obtaining efficient, robust solvers. We welcome all advances on mixed formulations for finite element discretization and new ideas on preconditioning, especially on multilevel/multigrid type preconditioning.

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