0504 Virtual Multi-physics Computational Design and Manufacturing Simulation of Materials and Structures

  • Eric Li, Teesside University
  • JN Reddy
  • Guirong Liu
  • CW Lim, City University of Hong Kong
  • Vincent Tan
  • ZC He
  • Bing Li
  • Qiqi Li
  • Zhuoqun Zheng
  • Lei Deng
  • Yi Wu

The development of novel materials and structures is very significant in aerospace, automotive, mechanical, biomedical and electrical engineering. The use of computational model is very effective to develop novel materials and structures. On the other hand, additive manufacturing has enabled us to fabricate highly sophisticated small-scale features with certain precision, which in turn makes the design of novel materials and structures more demanding. The goal of this mini-symposium is to bring together researchers from different disciplines to discuss recent computational tools to design, optimise, characterise and fabricate materials and structure, which aims to link materials design and digital manufacturing into a single workflow. This is very important to advance the technology of digital twin in the fourth industrial revolution.

The potential topics include, but are not limited to:

1. Computational methods related to materials and structures design
- Stochastic modeling and uncertainties
- Isogeometric Analysis
- Molecular dynamics
- Artificial intelligence
- Machine Learning
- Homogenization Methods/ Inverse Homogenization
- Topology optimisation
- Meshfree methods
- Multiscale algorithm
- First principles

2. Manufacturing Simulation and experiment related to materials and structures design
- Fluid-structure interaction model in additive manufacturing
- Microstructure and defects
- Topology optimization with manufacturing constraints
- Uncertain quantification and propagation in additive manufacturing
- Combined experimental and numerical studies in additive manufacturing
- Fracture and fatigue behavior of additively manufactured materials and structures
- Machine learning in additive manufacturing
- Surrogate model for additive-manufactured materials

3. Simulation of mechanical and physical response of advanced materials
- Acoustic /Mechanical /Thermal /Electromagnetic Metamaterials
- Phononic Crystals / Photonic crystals
- Architecture materials
- Hierarchical materials
- Nano-materials
- Soft materials
- Bio-inspired materials

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