2208 Physics-based Simulation of Earthquake Hazards with HPC and HQC

  • Takane Hori, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
  • Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
  • Mitsuteru Asai, Kyushu University
  • Thorsten Becker, The University of Texas at Austin

Scope of this mini-symposium is to discuss developments and directions for large scale hazard and disaster simulation related earthquakes and tsunamis using high performance computing technology for "high quality computing", which aims for a better quality management of engineering simulations. Broadband aspects from earthquake engineering to seismology are expected with a special emphasis on use of super computers, for example, structural response, soil amplification, city and social response, evacuation, recovery, fluid-structure coupling, global tsunami propagation, local tsunami run-up, earthquake ground motion, crustal deformation, earthquake cycle and the other related issues in earthquake, tsunami, and other geo-hazards.

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