0303 Computational interface mechanics in coupled problems

  • K. C. Park, University Of Colorado
  • C. A. Felippa
  • Roger Ohayon
  • Hermann Matthies
  • José González
  • Jin-Gyun Kim
  • Radek Kolman

This mini-symposium welcomes a variety of modelling (including data-driven modeling), analysis and optimization methods arising in reduced order modeling, partitioned modeling, uncertainty quantification, multidisciplinary design optimization of multi-component, multi-physics problems. Specific problems may include fluid-structure interaction, thermo-mechanical problems, electro-mechanical problems, multi-physical problems in solid mechanics, smart materials, adaptive structures.

Research work focused on new and advanced strategies for the mesh tying and coupling of domains, the interface dynamics, its accuracy, energy preserving, and stability of numerical methods capturing dynamics of interface problems, contact and impact problems, and transient analysis methods for handling interface mechanisms.

This mini-symposium also welcomes the synergy emanating from the infusion of data-driven modeling and the more traditional PDE-driven modeling. Finally, the mini-symposium welcomes industrial applications examples and production-level software development that will utilize the interface mechanics methods.

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