0714 Meshfree and Other Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineering and Applied Mathematical Problems

  • Lihua Wang, Tongji University
  • Chuanzeng Zhang
  • Zheng Zhong

Key words: meshfree methods, particle methods, strong-form collocation, numerical simulations, mathematical problems

The development of powerful meshfree and other advanced numerical methods for both routine and sophisticated engineering problems with complex solutions has been recognized by many researchers to benefit the industry as a whole, while creating new avenues for further research and spearheading of pioneering efforts within the field of computational and industrial applications. The objective of this minisymposium is to present the sate-of-the-art and prospective directions of those advanced numerical methods from the research areas to computation and application fields for engineering and applied mathematical problems.
Contributions are solicited in all subjects related to meshfree and other advanced numerical methods and their numerical applications, which include but are not limited to the following topics:
・Recent advances in meshfree methods, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, peridynamics, material point methods and other advanced numerical methods.
・Strong-form collocation meshfree methods and generalized finite difference methods.
・Applications of meshfree methods and other numerical methods for the numerical simulation of advanced materials and structures, soft materials, inverse problems, fluid dynamics and fluid-structure interaction, geomechanics, large deformation and non-linear problems, multi-phase interactions, contact and impact, static and dynamic structural responses, manufacturing processes, nano mechanics, etc.

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