0920 Statics and Dynamics of Composite Structures and Metamaterials

  • Jarosław Latalski, Technical University of Lublin, Lublin, Poland
  • Alireza Ture Savadkoohi, University of Lyon, ENTPE, LTDS UMR CNRS 5513, Lyon, France
  • Daniele Zulli, University of L’Aquila, L’Aquila, Italy

In the last decades, improvements in design and production of composite materials have represented a revolutionary issue in structural mechanics, leading to realization of structures with significantly high strength-to-weight ratio, used in widespread applications. As a further step, metamaterials or architectured materials have provided properties that go far beyond those of the single constituents, both in pure mechanical point of view and in multi-physics features. In fact, they might present exotic and very performing behavior due to their internal substructure, which may be characterized by spatially periodic microstructures or, more generally, by different level of heterogeneity.
On the other hand, the main goal of achieving improved mechanical features in terms of strength, stiffness, thermal performance, inescapably requires combination to low-cost production and setup, as well as environmental sustainability, reuse capability and ease of disposal. These features are necessarily addressed by the realization of consistent theoretical, numerical and experimental models, able to predict and reproduce the behavior of materials and structures.
The MS "Statics and Dynamics of Composite Structures and Metamaterials" aims at considering studies, simulations and validations of both theoretical and experimental models of complex materials and structures, under static and dynamical actions. Objects of study cover large variety of systems such as cables, beams and beam-likes, membranes, plates, shells, up to three-dimensional continua, in linear and nonlinear fields with applications in mechanics, acoustics and physics. Interest is aimed at original aspects of continuum mechanics, multi-scale modeling, multi-physical approaches, analytical and numerical methods, experiments, relevant to the sphere of influence of composite structures and metamaterials.

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