0735 Efficient Numerical Methods for Approximating Nonlinear Fractional Derivatives and PDEs

  • Yufeng Xu, Central South University
  • Qinwu Xu, Nanjing University
  • Xian-Ming Gu, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

This minisymposium intends to provide an opportunity to illustrate and exchange the latest results in highly efficient numerical methods for solving both the integer and fractional order partial differential equations (PDEs). These equations model a wide spectrum important phenomena and applications in the science and engineering. The minisymposium will encourage and stimulate collaborations in the important fields, and promote the study in related territories in cutting-edge computational mechanics.

The theory and methods of fractional derivatives and their applications can be utilized for modeling anomalous diffusion phenomena. These have been widely recognized by engineers and mathematicians in the last a few decades. PDEs, including those equipped with fractional derivatives, are used for modeling clouds of particles spreads faster than predicted by other classical equations. Examples of PDE applications include those modeling chaotic dynamics of classical conservative systems, turbulent flow, groundwater contaminant transport, and applications in biology, finance, image processing, hydrology, etc. Since analytical solutions of nonlinear PDEs, especially those with fractional order derivatives, are often unavailable, numerical methods become extremely important tools for the solutions in applications. This minisymposium will invite internationally well-known scholars to deliver cutting-edge research reports in the fields. Young investigators, especially those from Asian regions, are particularly welcome to participate.

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