2204 Simulation-based Disaster Prediction and Mitigation

  • Dongdong Wang, Xiamen University
  • J.S. Chen, University of California, San Diego
  • Sheng-Wei Chi, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Pai-Chen Guan, National Taiwan Ocean University
  • Mike Hillman, Pennsylvania State University
  • Xiong Zhang, Tsinghua University

In recent years, natural disasters have frequently happened worldwide due to earthquake, tsunami, land sliding, debris flow, and others. These disasters pose severe threat and damage to our living environment, and the disaster predication and mitigation have become a timely research topic for safeguarding our society. One effective approach for the disaster predication and mitigation is the computer simulations with robust numerical algorithms. This symposium aims to promote collaboration among academic researchers and industrial engineers in developing and applying advanced numerical methods for disaster predication and mitigation. Those who have been working on in the related fields are cordially invited to exchange their ideas and research results in this minisymposium. Presentations are solicited in all subjects related to numerical disaster simulation, which include but are not limited to the followings:

• Advanced disaster simulation methods such as finite element methods, meshfree and particle methods, isogeometric analysis, discrete element methods, etc.
• Constitutive modeling of disaster debris
• Coupled solid and fluid mechanics approach
• Fluid-structure interaction in disaster dynamics
• Multiscale disaster simulation
• Numerical algorithm implementation and simulation software development
• Large scale and parallel computation
• Other related subject

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