0720 Numerical models applied in architectonic and engineering design

  • Janusz Rębielak, Committee for Architecture and Town Planning of Wroclaw Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

The proposed Mini-Symposium is addressed to participants, who are involved in applications of various numerical methods in architecture, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautics engineering and in all kinds of scientific or engineering activity. The numerical models can be defined in different types of computer software or by usage of various kinds of programing languages. They can be applied at each stage of the research or design process, for example they can be a basis for the conceptual architectonic or engineering design, they can be used for carrying out very comprehensive and complex verifications, for instance statical or dynamical analyses. Numerical models are the very useful tool for making the design processes easier and faster, also to facilitate co-operation between architects, civil engineers and other members of the design or research teams involved in the same project. The Mini-Symposium is intended as forum for creative exchange of experiences in the field of define and application of various types of the numerical models in science and engineering.

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