1214 Advanced Modelling for Automotive Applications in CASE Era

  • Tohru Hiranoi, Daikin Information Systems
  • Masato Nishi, JSOL
  • Maurizio MAGGIORE, European Commission DG Research & Innovation

In recent years, the Automotive Industry is facing with disruptive transformation of business environment called as CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric). The introduction of new, greener powertrains in automotive applications including EV and Hydrogen has led to the need of developing new modelling tools and approaches both to the design of vehicles, which are moving towards a multi-powertrain approach, and individual components (modelling for electric motors and controls, multilevel modelling for battery systems and cells, modeling of processing new materials, etc.).
At the same time, approaches like Machine Learning and Model Oder Reduction can deliver order of magnitude improvements in computing times and therefore time to market.
In this MS, several advanced applications to those fields in Japan and EU will be introduced and discussed.

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